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If you having difficulties connecting your Wireless, ADSL or Cable broadband service, we can help:

1. We can test your phone line for signal strenght (in case if you are connecting to DialUp or broadband ADSL internet)
2. Properly setup your software and modem settings (this includes configuring any email accounts and internet sharing)
3. Test your connection speed
4. Setup internet sharing/small network, so you can share your internet connection to as many computers as you want
5. We can also provide you with wireless router/firewall to allow your portable computers be used anywhere within 50 meters from connection point.

If you are interested in interconnecting your home place with computers in your office we can do it. Please see Network section of our web site.

Examples of types of things we can also help you with include: Setting up email accounts which allow you to access your email from anywhere - home or office, on the road or overseas; registering domain names, organising website hosting, broadband and dialup internet access, signatures, encrypted email and more.

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