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LAN Deployment

Data and Coms

Any growing business requires a well designed, scalable and reliable computer network with the ability to integrate all of the computer/office equipment in the most productive way. One of the most important aspects of the above mentioned requirements is the network infrastructure itself. It might be a mixture of cabling, wi-fi access points, network switches and routers etc.
CompUverse can provide your business with the highly qualified specialists in the areas of:

  • Network data cabling (Licensed cabling Technicians)
  • VOIP
  • Microsoft based server configuration
  • Linux based server configuration
  • Switch, Router and Firewall Installation
  • Security Policies Design and Implementation
  • VPN, Remote access systems based on Microsoft RDP, Citrix

There are a few stages in the project development:

  1. Inspection

At the inspection stage, we will send you a qualified network engineer who will analyse the requirements, investigate existing cabling systems and network infrastructure and determine the ways to install new cables and other networking equipment. This is the time when any questions/requirements are discussed with the client;

  1. Network design

Smallest details are taken into consideration, any remaining questions are discussed with the client and based on the gathered data detailed technical proposal is developed. It will include the full list of required equipment and its prices, cabling plan, expected date of project completion and the total project price. Client will be given a copy of the technical proposal;

  1. Equipment supply and installation work

    Once the contract is signed, the deployment commences. We will deliver all the required equipment and start deployment:
      1. Preparation of building elements
      2. Installation of cabling channels
      3. Cable deployment
      4. Network/phone points installation
      5. PC Racks & Network Cabinets Mounting
      6. Network equipment installation/configuration
      7. Software configuration
  2. Testing

During the deployment works, we will perform the series of tests that would eliminate any possibility of equipment failure.
Testing is performed by using specialised testing tools as well as the computer equipment to expose any possible mistakes in cable deployment/layout;

  1. Warranty

All equipment and labour is covered by one year limited warranty. We are using only genuine qualify cables and parts;
If you are interested or have any other questions, you are welcome to contacts us via email or phone to arrange date and time for a free onsite consultation with our experienced network engineer.

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