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Local networks enable companies to automate their day-to-day operations and improve overall performance of staff. Importance of business tasks requires very reliable network system. Any fault in LAN can paralyze your business for hours.
We can help and make it all work! including:

Network design
LAN Deployment
Server configuration
Network security
VPN Solutions

Duties of network administrator require a lot of skills and experience, which in order requires an appropriate level of salary. This is why most of small to medium size businesses can not afford to have permanent IT support person. The advantage of IT-outsourcing is that your company will be assigned one computer engineer, who will really know your system. However, when required we will send you a group of highly professional computer engineers who can solve any IT problem you may have.
Our company offers you a range of service plans to support your computers and LAN on a monthly basis to best suite the needs of your business. 
When examining your system to design service plan for you we will look at:

1. Ways to improve overall performance of you computer systems, network
2. Checks for hardware reliability, UpGrade options
3. Necessary software updates
4. Data organization/structure
5. Backup solutions for critical data
6. User rights, access policies

To get more detailed information about ongoing IT support and service plans available, please contact us on the phone or via email.
We value your time and money and we will do everything possible in order to minimize any disruption to your business.

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