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Data backup solutions

If you have some information which is important to you, but do not have time to make regular backups, we can offer you the solution. Most people understand the importance of making regular data backups, however because this operation might be time consuming, and time is always limited, many of you do not do it. It is only when the computer fails people understand that they have just lost a few years worth of work.
Please take a look at the options of automatic and manual backups and decide, which one is best suites your needs

Automatic backup solutions

The principle behind is simple:

Depending on the amount of data we will suggest you a backup device, which would be cost effective, reliable and easy to use.
We will give you advise on what can be done in order to better organize your data, so you know where is what.
We will configure a specialized software which will automatically backup all of your data (including any emails, accounting information, favorites etc) based on the given schedule.
You will be surprised how easy it is, to keep your data backed up regularly and that it is really affordable.

How do we make it affordable? The idea is that different size businesses most likely to have different amount of data and therefore small company does not usually require same hardware/software package as big corporation. You will realize that in many cases trivial CDRW drive will be sufficient, if your data is properly organized and you have appropriate backup software. While if you are the big business, you will find that high grade professional backup devices are not as expensive nowadays as they used to be.

Manual backup systems

Some may think that automatic is always better than manual. However it is not always the case. Automatic backups need some sort of constantly switched on computer. They are perfect for businesses which have some sort of dedicated machine that is always on.
However if you are a home user, or small business, than you will find that manual backups are actually much better option. It works exactly the same way as automatic except that it is you who determine when to do it, not the machine. This means, that once the system is set up, all you have to do to start backing up you data is just press one button on you screen and all your data, including any documents, music, pictures, emails, accounting information (e.g. from MyOB or Quickbooks) and what ever else data will be backed up to the selected media.
We will assist you with the choice of media for backup. You can check Equipment section to find out, what we have to offer.

Recommendations - Data safety tips

There are simple preventive measures you can take in order to keep you data safe.
1. Always back-up! Don't overlook your duty to backup critical data when you are working on a big project or a tight deadline.

2. Keep current copies of very important data offsite. What if your computer equipment is damaged or stolen? You might have insurance, however it is unlikely to cover your data loss expenses.

3. If you must disconnect USB or FireWire peripheral devices while the computer is on, use extreme care. Be sure external drives have stopped spinning before picking up or moving them. (this is especially important for usb and fireWire devices you use for backups)

4. Never reformat a hard drive without checking your backup. If you use tapes, be sure you are familiar with the backup software before archiving important data. Also check that those tapes are not too old. As it is very possible that you'll find that some tape is not readable any more, when you try to recover your data.

5. Never move or jar a drive or computer while it is operating. Doing so could cause media damage.

6. Allow adequate space around external drives' cooling vents; remove books, papers, etc., which might block airflow. Do not put the drive on carpeting. (to be honest, any IT equipment does not like carpets. The main reasons are: dust, static electicity)

7. Avoid rapid temperature changes. If the drive was previously in a cold environment, allow your drive to warm-up to room temperature before operating. Generally, if you are comfortable, the climate is appropriate for the drive.

8. All computer equipment should be protected with high-quality surge protectors, line conditioners or uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

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